I got a puppy

I got a puppy

It’s been some time since I’ve felt like being anything online. I keep mostly to Instagram, adding images that makes me happy to look back on – while scrolling everybody else’s.

I’ve felt for quite some time that I needed something more, something to shake me out of my creative rut. I haven’t touched my camera much since I went to Greenland in the autumn. But because I don’t want to, but the inspiration have been none existing.

I want adventure, but everyday life also exists outside of my hiking- and traveling adventures. So, to spice up everyday life, I decided last year that I wanted a dog. I’ve always wanted a dog. I grew up with dogs, my family have always had dogs. I haven’t had my own before, because I lived in an apartment and spend way too much time at work.

That has changed. I now live in a house with a big garden, I work a lot from home – and I can bring the pup to the office when I do go. So I decided that now was now, I couldn’t wait more. In 2021 I started looked for a type of breed that would match my needs, and behold I found the danish spitz: An old farm dog, that can be conditioned to basically everything. I found a very respected breeder, had an interview with them and follow up visits. And in February my pup was born, and in April I went to pick her up. My sweet, little snowball. I named her Singi. I love her so, so much.

She’s still a puppy and in need of much training and socialising in order for her to become the dog I want. But she’s so well on her way, and I feel like I’ve met my soul dog. She’s happy, adventurous, cautious and loving. I can’t wait to share life with her, all joys and sorrows.

I can feel my inspiration to write and photograph coming back, it’s growing like embers. Life is good.

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