Hello. My name is Kathrine, and I’m the individual behind kahope. Kahope is a abbreviation of my full name, and as such the main identity behind my photos. 


I’m a amateur photographer from Denmark (Northern Europe) that simply tries to capture life through my eyes, to view and marvel at the natural beauty around us.


2020 – Digital Concept Developer BA

2011 – Multimediadesigner


Selftaught photographer, videoeditor, illustrator, backpacker, knitter, seamstress and general handicraft entusiast with a soft spot for old and new things made with care, patience and respect.



2020-present – Senior Project Manager

2016-2018 –  Client Manager

2014-2016 – Digital/UX Designer

2011-2014 –  Frontend developer 





Video editing

Hiking/nature travel

Green things

Scandinavian and Nordic culture